Young Jeezy DONATES $1 Million For “Another Way Out” Scholarship, Talks About Recent ARREST On “The Breakfast Club” + 50 Cent THROWS Ferrari-Themed Party For His 2-Year-Old Son Sire

Young Jeezy DONATES $1 Million For “Another Way Out” Scholarship, Talks About Recent ARREST On “The Breakfast Club” + 50 Cent THROWS Ferrari-Themed Party For His 2-Year-Old Son Sire
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It appears Young Jeezy is working on refining his image after his recent arrest. The ATL rapper is donating $1 million to “Another Way Out” scholarship. Meanwhile, 50 Cent is playing his role as a doting dad after throwing his 2-year-old son Sire a Ferrari themed birthday party. Deets inside…

On the day his seventh studio album Seen It All drops (Sept. 2nd), Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy, along with his Street Dreamz Foundation, donated $1 million dollars to real estate company Jay Morrison Academy.

His considerable contribution will allow students to learn everything there is to know about how to become successful in the real estate industry. The $1 million dollars will go towards a free month’s scholarship which will include, two bi-weekly mentorship calls with real estate agent Jay Morrison, four lessons on “How to Become a Real Estate Investor”, virtual protégé lessons, a Jay Morrison Academy textbook and more.

To enter to win the scholarship, you can check out

This is a good look for Jeezy after he was arrested last week for allegedly toting a assault rifle on his tour bus while traveling with Wiz Khalifa on the “Under the Influence” tour. The “Seen It All” rapper joined Power 105’s The Breakfast Club for a special sitdown interview in Atlanta. And The Source magazine cover guy touched on what happened the night he was put behind bars.

He explained what took so long for him to post bail (“They detained two of my bus drivers and I just couldn’t leave them in there”) and on his innocence (“When it’s all said and done, I’m confident that me and no one in my crew had anything to do with anything”).

Let’s hope so.

Check it:


And in other rapper news…. 

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Although 50 Cent and his eldest son Marquise are on the outs, he’s attempting to make up for it with his youngest son Sire Jackson (who he shares with ex-girlfriend/former vixen Daphne Joy).

Sucks for Marquise because when he asked his dad for a Ferrari for his 16th birthday in 2011, 50 denied his request. He said he would get his a new car….just not a Ferrari.

But on Sire’s 2nd birthday, 50 went all out with a Ferrari-themed party with his little man decked out in his red race car gear. 50 appeared to really enjoy his day with his son captioning, “It was a big day today for little 50. Lol he’s finished now # partyover”

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He is killing us with the adorableness!

And the day before….

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The South Jamaica Queens rapper gifted his baby boy with a mini black Mercedes-Benz convertible, just like his daddy’s. Cute!

Nice to see 50 being a part of his youngest son’s life since he disowned his eldest. Which brings us to this…50 may also be a dad to yet another child!

A young lady by the name of LaCresha Taylor (who claims to be a former Magic City stripper) from Virginia, blasted 50 under one of his pics of his son Sire. She is making claims that she is 3 months pregnant with his child and he WON’T return her phone calls! In the comment she wrote, “I’ve been trying to call you!!! Didn’t wanna do this one here, but I’m 3 months pregnant and don’t be the TYPICAL “nigga” with “”BY WO?!”” … you bitch!!! CALL ME BACK!”

And we all know how 50 loves to troll on IG so he clapped back with “good luck Bill Jean”:


Billy Jean tho’ @50cent?! Lmao, I hate you so much.

— That ESVA Vixen (@_exXxotic) September 2, 2014


Not sure why she expected him to respond in any other fashion based on his track record with “disowning” and not claiming his kids….but to each its own. 



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