MUSIC VIDEOS: Pharrell's 'ETHNICALLY DIVERSE' "Marilyn Monroe" Video + Cover Art

MUSIC VIDEOS: Pharrell's 'ETHNICALLY DIVERSE' "Marilyn Monroe" Video + Cover Art
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Pharrell attempts to squash all “colorism” controversies with an ethnically diverse “Marilyn Monroe” video and a beautiful brown woman on the cover art.  Check out both inside….

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Remember the “colorism” controversy that surrounded Pharrell ‘s “G I R L” cover and the perceived lack of black women involved?  He previously spoke about the incident to saying, 

“Well, they’re ill informed. The woman I’m standing closest to, she is black and she’s been a friend of mine for a long time. You know, I’m confused by it.

Then they’re going to ask me do I not have an Indian woman on there or a Pakistani woman on there? But meanwhile, I do. She is African American and I feel sorry for her that people will look her dead in her face like she ain’t black but she is black. It’s a girl I use to date years ago.

It’s just unfortunate because it’s 2014 and we have a President [who’s black]. Is this what it is? Is it because she’s not brown? I don’t feel funny about our President because he is what he is. Meanwhile, has anybody forgoTheYBF.comtten that I’m black myself? I wake up everyday and I wave the black flag. Everything that I’m doing. You know, this “Happy” song going #1. What is the guy that’s singing the song? What do you mean?”

Well….you know you can NEVER please everyone, but Pharrell makes a valiant effort with his new “Marilyn Monroe” single cover art.  It features a brown woman wearing red lipstick (take that A$AP Rocky), and the accompanying Luis Cervero-directed video features a large cast of ethnically diverse women plus an appearance from Kelly Osbourne.


Watch “Marilyn Monroe” below:



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The Young, Black, and Fabulous

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